The Celebrate the Shore Photo Contest is now open!

Click here to upload your photos of recreation on the Oregon shore for a chance to win two nights’ stay in a State Park yurt and have your photo displayed at the Oregon State Fair. Online voting begins August 1, so you have until July 31st to submit your entries. Those of you heading to the coast this weekend for Fourth of July festivities, don’t forget to take the camera along!

You can read the official contest rules here. Good luck–we can’t wait to see your photos.


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    Yurt. Yurt. Yurt.

  2. I cannot upload my photo. It says server not found…

  3. I was excited to enter a photo but was not stoked to find that a Facebook account (including what most would consider data subject to the Privacy Act) was required to participate in this endeavor. A public agency requiring a Facebook account in order to participate in a publicly-funded activity is beyond the pale, Unless there is some other non-intrusive method to participate please revise you approach to involving public participation in our open democracy.

    • Thanks for letting us know! We weren’t aware that the site required anyone to have a Facebook account in order to participate. We looked into this and have attempted to deactivate the settings that demand you authorize the app to access your personal information. We hope that resolves the problem. If you still have concerns, please follow up; it’s valuable to hear what entrants are experiencing when they go to submit their photos.

  4. Where will the voting be taking place? On your website?

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