Upcoming Events

peoplescoastclassicTour the coast for a cause! Check out The People’s Coast Classic, an annual charity bike ride that follows the Oregon Coast Bike Route from Astoria to Brookings September 8-13. The funds raised go to support the Arthritis Foundation. There are two-, four-, and six-day route options.

Help protect Oregon’s shore for the next 100 years–participate in a beach cleanup with SOLVE! The annual Beach and Riverside Cleanup will be Saturday, September 28 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Thousands of volunteers will fan out across 45 locations on the coast to beautify the beaches and preserve the environment. Will you be one of them? Contact program coordinator Joy Irby at joy@solv.org. To learn more, click here.

Former Oregon governor Oswald West will be the honored guest, if only in spirit, at the Oregon Shores Conservation Coalition‘s annual meeting to be held Saturday, October 5 in Cannon Beach. The organization will be marking the 100th anniversary of West’s masterstroke in launching Oregon’s tradition of open beaches. The public is invited to attend and enjoy presentations by two authors about the history and future of Oregon’s public shore and birthday cake to celebrate its turning 100 this year

Bonnie Henderson

Joe Blakely

Joe Blakely, author of the biography Oswald West: His Life and Legacy, will explain how West succeeded in persuading the Oregon Legislature to make the beaches a public highway and discuss other aspects of the governor’s career. He will be followed by Bonnie Henderson, who will talk about how her book, Strand: An Odyssey of Pacific Ocean Debris, was inspired by her experience as a participant in Oregon Shores’ CoastWatch program. She will also read from her forthcoming,
as-yet-untitled book about earthquakes and tsunamis in the Pacific Northwest.

The meeting begins at 1:30 p.m. in the Cannon Beach Community Hall located at the corner of 2nd and Spruce. For more information, contact Phillip Johnson, executive director of Oregon Shores, at (503) 754-9303 or phillip@oregonshores.org. Please note: only members will be able to vote during the brief business session at the end of the meeting.


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